Why Life As A Student Of Computer Science & Information Technology Is SO Hard

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As you all may already know, I’m a computer science student as well as a self-proclaimed “it support expert” (let’s just take my word for it ūüôā

This is really my passion and it has been since I’ve been a little boy. When I was a kid I got one of those¬†little rubber computers that had a light up keyboard and I was completely in love. I played with that thing every day and it fascinated me.

This passion flowered into where I am today in my learning career (I have¬†so many¬†books about IT support and computer science, from the floor to the ceiling right next to me!). Now I study my passion every day and it’s been relatively great…except a few things which this post is here to address.

Why Being An Information Technology Major Is TOUGH

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I’d have to say the primary concern for this field of study and work is the sedentary nature of the¬†job. You literally study 5 hours a day, sitting down, and even when you work on stuff it becomes a total drag. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff you study is fun and crazy interesting, but after a while it takes a physical toll.

When I was a kid and that initial passion for computers and managed IT services took off I was a relatively healthy kid. Good eyesight, social, and of good weight. But, the longer I worked on the computer, the more I got distant from family and the more I gained weight.

This is why I am now a personal trainer (cool right?). I got so overweight as a kid that I¬†had to do something about my health. I read everything I could about getting fitter and lost over 60 pounds! I got my personal trainer’s license shortly after that and started at working at the gym near my university.

This is my biggest concern about it support and computers in general, the health aspect (besides computer equipment costs and that stuff)

What I Recommend Any Future Information Technology Student

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Still want to do computer science and IT? Well here are a few things I recommend you get squared out before you take the plunge into one of the most fascinating subjects you’ll ever learn:

  • Ask yourself, “Do I like to work sitting down for many hours a day?”
  • Ask yourself, “Am I a persistent person who wants to learn…always
  • Do you like working with people?
  • And so much more……

I’m pooped after writing all of this so I’ll leave it to you to ask yourself those and other questions. Really think about this decision if you are interested in the career path no that you’ve heard from someone who has already done it and is on that very path to this day.

I know whatever decision that you make, that it will be the right one for you!

My Friend Explains Why Both Gynecology and Women’s Fitness Are Important

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As a personal trainer, I get a lot of female clients and inevitable I look for advice from female trainers on how to best handle clients like this. One of my female friends Lucy has an important post to share with you about how gynecology and women’s fitness share an intimate relationship in living the best life possible!

Without further ado, here is Lucy:

Gynecology can play an important part in women’s fitness. You need to keep your body healthy, and a gynecologist can do the trick. Women’s fitness can be preserved when they use the services of this health professional for the right problems at the right time. I am a¬†gynecologist Salisbury Maryland trained and raised and I have seen all sorts of fit women like the ones Trent deals with. Here is some brief info on what I persoanlly do and why gynecology is so important to the active woman.

Gynecology and Women’s Health

As gynecologist will give you the answers you need to keep your body healthy. For instance, you might be worried about your menstruation or things like that, and a gynecologist can give you the tips you need to deal with this situation as soon as possible.

Through hormone replacement therapy and many other treatments, a gynecologist can give you what you need. Your gynecologist will allow you to discover a lot of things that you might not know about your health as a whole. A gynecologist can deal with any potential cancerous cell out there as well.

Treating Physiological Disorders At The Gynecologist

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If you have a disorder in your reproductive system, your gynecologist will put order in this disorder right away. This will allow you to enjoy peace of mind immediately because you know that you are in good hands. Discovering any kind of breast abnormality early is something a gynecologist knows how to do very well.

Your gynecologist can discover any cancel cell in your breast so it can be treated properly in any early stage. If you are pregnant, a gynecologist can also detect any kind of abnormality that can happen in your fetus over time.

STD’s Inhibiting Physical Performance

Your gynecologist can also detect any sort of STD or sexually transmitted disease. He or she will assess any lesion or vaginal discharge right away. Your gynecologist will use a smear to find out whether a sore or discharge has to do with any type of STD out there. Your gynecologist will also work hard to discover fibroid tumors, cancer, and endometriosis in your body.

You need to protect your body as much as you can, and contraception can be huge problem for you too. A gynecologist will give you the advice you need when it comes to dealing with contraception.

Menopause and It’s Effects On Workout Energy

Menopause could give you lot of headaches including emotional and physical symptoms. This period of your life is important, but the changes in your body are huge too.

A gynecologist will check the hormone levels in your blood so you can be on the safe side at all times too. You must also get in touch with your favorite insurance firm so you know whether gynecology is covered or not.

Here Are Is A Remedy To Low Energy Due To Menopause

If you have blood in your urine, a gynecologist will help you out in no time too. This is a red flag in your body, and you need to get in touch with your gynecologist so you can solve this problem.

A gynecologist could be your salvation when it comes to keeping your body healthy. You will have a lot of reasons to use the services of a gynecologist these days, and this is just the beginning of the solution.

So a gynecologist will allow you detect problems related to STDs, menopause and many others over time, which is very important for you if you are a woman.

Thanks for that article Lucy, I really vibe with that last one because when clients come to me it can be really detrimental when they lack energy to train and it takes a toll on them as well as me!

Anyway, hope this helped any of our current or future lady readers, until next time folks!

Am I A Chiropractor & A Personal Trainer All At Once? Let’s Find Out Why…


As you all may already know, I’m a personal trainer part-time (in addition to my tech job) meaning I see all sorts of back issues, spinal misalignments, and neck pain that prevents people from working out. It is extremely¬†common and it is my job to help people out with these issues through proactive back strengthening exercises and the occasional chiropractic adjustment.

Now, I personally suffer from back pain very often and it can be a very difficult problem. It persists throughout the day and is debilitating to proper training and keeps me from fully showing people how to workout properly. But what I have noticed is that a chiropractor visit can really do the trick to saving your back.

Why Chiropractors Save My Clients

Simply put, I have noticed that I see the biggest improvement in my training clients that have the best back health. It is my job to assess a client as soon as they come to me and a back pain assessment is part of that process.

I rate them on a scale of one to ten and the people closest to a ten can do these things that lead to better results:

  1. They can do more of the workouts I show thempersonal chiropractor
  2. They can be more flexible
  3. They recover faster
  4. They have more energy during workouts

It’s for these reasons that I really recommend to my clients that they visit a good local chiropractor before they come to me so that we can get more done during our training sessions.

A Compilation Of Some Crazy Chiropractor Adjustments!

Will I Become A Chiropractor?

Knowing that curing joint and back pain is so important I began to do some research into becoming a chiropractor myself since my part-time job consists so much of that.

Apparently, you don’t need to go to medical school to become one but I’m going to keep that idea on the sideline until I have more time.

My hands will be full with this blog, my it job, and other concerns I think I’m going to stay a personal trainer!

Anyway, next post will be in a little my peeps and after that we might even do a webinar together. Make sure you snag my 30-day guide while you can and I’ll see you later!

Interesting Security Apps Focused Around Parental Control

I recently read this article on this topic sort of related to information technology so I thought I’d write a post on it, read on.

Parental Control Apps

In a take a look at of seventy four Android mobile apps designed to sell adolescent online protection, the researchers stated that 89 percent of security features on the apps are focused on parental manipulate, while approximately eleven percentage supported teenager self-regulation.

“The apps are focused on what the cellphone is able to doing and how parents can limit and reveal the ones skills,” said Pamela Wisniewski, formerly a put up-doctoral student in information sciences and era, Penn nation, and presently an assistant professor in laptop technological know-how on the college of valuable Florida. “I equate this to a governor on a car to be able to handiest allow you to pressure at a certain pace restrict. In a manner, the app’s just seeking to screen or restrict — or act like a governor on — what the cell smartphone is designed to do.”

The safety features purpose at on-line activities that teens are maximum probably to have interaction in, for example, the usage of a browser or app, texting, or accessing social media.

At the same time as those functions may also first of all help diminish unwanted activity they do now not enhance communication among mother and father and their kids, or help teens broaden the important abilities to navigate the online world in the end, consistent with the researchers, who present their findings at findings at the ACM convention on computer-Supported Cooperative work and Social Computing.

“These capabilities weren’t supporting dad and mom in reality mediate what their teenagers are doing on-line,” said Wisniewski. “They weren’t improving communique, or helping a teenager turn out to be extra self-aware of his or her behavior.”

Their Impact

Without this kind of education, teenagers can also discover it difficult to expand techniques to address destiny on-line encounters, she added.

The researchers endorse that app designers contain capabilities that stability each parental manipulate with youngster self-regulation.

“Those parental control functions won’t also be congruent with maximum parenting patterns,” said Wisniewski. “dad and mom possibly do not sense comfy policing each textual content message their teen sends, or need to set tight regulations on what their youngster can or cannot do at the smartphone. I agree with that dad and mom want approaches to be engaged in what their teen is doing and supply them the autonomy to examine from what they’re doing.”

Continued Studies

The researchers performed on-line searches of Android apps at the Google Play app keep. They used key-word phrases along with, “teen protection,” “on line protection,” “cyberbullying” and “sexting.” They then examined apps that had been discovered within the “similar apps” segment. They persevered this system till no new applicable apps have been diagnosed.

Over 1/2 — fifty nine percentage — were loose for down load, 24 percentage had a constrained unfastened trial period and sixteen percent had each a free and paid model.

The researchers stated they assume comparable results from Apple iOS merchandise. Wisniewski determined comparable parental manipulate-dominated apps at some stage in an initial assessment of Apple merchandise.

How Eating Dietary Zinc Helps Protect Your Genetics!

So here at our blog we are all about eating healthy so in this post we will discuss how eating zinc will allow you to protect your genes and become overall healthier.

About The Health Benefits of Zinc

Zinc is important for human development at some stage in pregnancy, childhood, and formative years; it’s far concerned in many aspects of mobile metabolism and cellular division.

The mineral additionally plays a position in DNA synthesis, protein synthesis, and helps our body to heal its wounds. Zinc can restrict irritation and oxidative pressure, because of this that it may also guard against cardiovascular sickness and a few cancers.

With time, our DNA deteriorates, however the human body additionally has the capacity to regenerate it till past due maturity. but, insufficient zinc compromises the body’s ability to restore ordinary DNA “wear and tear.”

The every day amount of zinc, as encouraged via the country wide Institutes of fitness (NIH), is eight milligrams for ladies and eleven milligrams for guys, despite the fact that recommendations differ in line with age.

New Studies

…posted in the American magazine of clinical nutrition – indicates that an additional intake as small as 4 milligrams consistent with day can have a wonderful effect on cell health, in addition to help the human frame to fight off infections.

Effects Of Zinc on the Natural Body

Researchers from the united states of america Benioff children’s medical institution Oakland research Institute (CHORI) in California got down to determine the impact of a small growth in nutritional zinc on metabolic capabilities and measures of zinc status within the body.

Led by means of CHORI Senior Scientist Janet King, Ph.D., the team examined the effect of an growth equivalent to that which biofortified crops offer in the weight loss program of populations which can be nutrient-poor.

The authors explain that at the same time as meals fortification barely raises the zinc content material of cereals inclusive of wheat and rice, few studies have proven a high quality impact at the functional indicators of zinc tiers inside the human frame.

Researchers designed a randomized, 6-week managed have a look at wherein 18 guys consumed a low-zinc, rice-based food plan.

The food plan consisted of 6 milligrams in keeping with day for two weeks and persisted with 10 milligrams each day for the ultimate four weeks.

earlier than and after the eating regimen, the researchers measured zinc homeostasis signs and other metabolic signs, which include DNA damage, DNA infection, and oxidative pressure.

Modest boom in zinc reduces DNA damage

The take a look at found out sizable changes in the zinc homeostasis signs.

Scientists located an growth in the degrees of general absorbed zinc, even as plasma zinc concentrations and the exchangeable zinc pool length remained the identical.

Leukocyte DNA strand breaks were additionally decreased with expanded nutritional zinc, which indicates that a modest increase in zinc reduces the regular “put on and tear” of the DNA.

That is the first time that a small increase in nutritional zinc has been shown to lessen oxidative pressure and DNA harm.