Why Life As A Student Of Computer Science & Information Technology Is SO Hard

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As you all may already know, I’m a computer science student as well as a self-proclaimed “it support expert” (let’s just take my word for it 🙂

This is really my passion and it has been since I’ve been a little boy. When I was a kid I got one of those little rubber computers that had a light up keyboard and I was completely in love. I played with that thing every day and it fascinated me.

This passion flowered into where I am today in my learning career (I have so many books about IT support and computer science, from the floor to the ceiling right next to me!). Now I study my passion every day and it’s been relatively great…except a few things which this post is here to address.

Why Being An Information Technology Major Is TOUGH

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I’d have to say the primary concern for this field of study and work is the sedentary nature of the job. You literally study 5 hours a day, sitting down, and even when you work on stuff it becomes a total drag. Don’t get me wrong, the stuff you study is fun and crazy interesting, but after a while it takes a physical toll.

When I was a kid and that initial passion for computers and managed IT services took off I was a relatively healthy kid. Good eyesight, social, and of good weight. But, the longer I worked on the computer, the more I got distant from family and the more I gained weight.

This is why I am now a personal trainer (cool right?). I got so overweight as a kid that I had to do something about my health. I read everything I could about getting fitter and lost over 60 pounds! I got my personal trainer’s license shortly after that and started at working at the gym near my university.

This is my biggest concern about it support and computers in general, the health aspect (besides computer equipment costs and that stuff)

What I Recommend Any Future Information Technology Student

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Still want to do computer science and IT? Well here are a few things I recommend you get squared out before you take the plunge into one of the most fascinating subjects you’ll ever learn:

  • Ask yourself, “Do I like to work sitting down for many hours a day?”
  • Ask yourself, “Am I a persistent person who wants to learn…always
  • Do you like working with people?
  • And so much more……

I’m pooped after writing all of this so I’ll leave it to you to ask yourself those and other questions. Really think about this decision if you are interested in the career path no that you’ve heard from someone who has already done it and is on that very path to this day.

I know whatever decision that you make, that it will be the right one for you!